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my mod app

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my mod app

Post by connor119 on Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:34 am

Hi im connor119

i've been playing minecraft for about a year now

i really enjoy minecraft and im on daily

i love to help citizens on servers

i do have experince on other servers

pm me for my email

i am 12 yers old

i think im very mature

i do not oftenly swear unless im complety raged Razz

I can build very well i can also make fun mini games for people if [b]*they* *ask*

i would like to be mod because i love to help out oin servers because it make me feel really good to know that i helped them,also its give me a reason to be on minecraft daily. Another thing is that I now how to deal with spammers and such,I know how to spam if we need more people on the server>

i hope you enjoyed my mod app and i WOULD REALLY LIKE MOD Very Happy


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