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MERRY CHRISTMAS! The Good and the Bad

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MERRY CHRISTMAS! The Good and the Bad

Post by TENTACLE_BOSS on Tue Dec 25, 2012 1:40 am

So theres good news and bad news, good news is the christmas map is ready to be played as soon as the server is, bad news is as our collective christmas present, someone in AUS is DDoSing us. Sometimes people in AUS and other countries will DDoS competitive rental providers to drivetraffic to their own servers. Remember that the attack is not neccesarily specific against us, as it would appear every single Australian Multiplay machine is down right now, and Technical Support cannot ping any of the machines. Server should be up today but unfortunately I cannot give a fair ETA as to when.

Anyway, enjoy your Christmas's, when you get sick of your families I'll be sure to see you on the battlefield.

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