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Post by ZeVort on Wed Feb 27, 2013 4:17 pm

The Server, it needs more Gamemodes; with Bubbles now creating maps. Maybe it can be accomplished D:
The idea is simple CTP (Capture the Point) + Tower Defence Very Happy! The Gamemode would be a map designed exactly for Engineers. One team; The Engineers will be battling the opposing team which can select any class *excluding or including SPIES* The red team or (Engineers Side) Would have exactly 1 Minute to prepare the map or at least Defend the map from the opposing side; although this might take a lot of work, and is seemingly like MVM; this would actually test skills as it would most likely be Mercs VS Engi's

The Engineers would be trying to protect the spawn points, while the other team tries to capture the spawn points, Its going to be a Bloody yet Explosive joy!

Although this may be challenging to create; i'm sure that this sort of gamemode would be really enjoyable
and a genuine idea *MAYBE* D:

I Think this is going to be a great game-mode, because it would be Humans Vs Humans! there is no need to be programming the paths for the BOTS; Tentacle would just have to make the map or with the help of Bubbles, the map can be completed, This would also Give Heavies a chance to prove themselves in Killing the opposing engineers; and not just for going HOOVY or Rage Heavies :L


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Post by oOPIDDYOo on Wed Feb 27, 2013 4:38 pm

My map Caters for Ctf, there are flags and dropoffs, but they are disabled, (U cannot see them/use them) There are Plugins that can enable them Ingame.

Aswell as Bot Paths

Aswell as anti spawn camping c:

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