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My Admin Application!!! yay

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My Admin Application!!! yay

Post by Mr_Taco on Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:58 am

My steam name: Mr_Taco
My ip: (no one d-dos me plz.... Evil or Very Mad )
Reasons why I believe I should be a mod:

  1. I spend all my time playing tf2 on MOPS besides the occasional comp

  2. I am a friendly and forgiving person (exept stupid noobs who repeatedly disturb my sanvich parties I am sure meep meep teh raccon will be willing to attest that i am friendly

  3. I bothered to type this in rainbow

  4. i put this: lol! in my list

  5. I believe i would be a fair and friendly moderator

  6. I am a flying lama

  7. i have played over 600 hours on my tf2 account and beleive i would be able to answer ANY question players ask

note 1: i do not expect to have the "z" permission or some high lvl of immunity, I have gained much from the mops community and want to put back in, in other word i just want to help people have as much fun as i did.
note 2: although this is in the minecraft section it is only becasue i couldn't find one in the tf2 section, i am applying to be a tf2 mod

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Re: My Admin Application!!! yay

Post by TheSexyKitty on Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:08 pm

Hey hey psst.. thats because theres no applications open for tf2 mods Razz Good job buddy :3

Bokusatsu Koneko SexyKitty-chan >:3
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