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Map is rendered and uploaded! (plus some information)

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Map is rendered and uploaded! (plus some information)

Post by TENTACLE_BOSS on Mon Mar 25, 2013 4:26 am

The next update is rendered and uploaded to Multiplay!
Meaning once they upload it to the server, we can change to the latest map update!

For those of you reading the forums in recent days you will know that this isn't a massive update but it does introduce some new features, you can read more on that here: Map Update Sneak Peak!

(there is a sneak peak screen on the last page)

So now we are just waiting for Multiplay, I will try to make them get it on by tonight when you are all playing, but knowing them it could take longer. Assuming there are no issues with the map file or anything unexpected, it should definitely be ready for use by tomorrow.

I will host a competition with prize(s) on the new mini game when it is possible to do so, and one little thing; the comp area of the map is now slightly brighter than it was, I cannot help this change of lighting because of the optimisation process, i.e. it was either this, or no map update.

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