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Patch sent to Multiplay, details below on all changes!

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Patch sent to Multiplay, details below on all changes!

Post by TENTACLE_BOSS on Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:16 am

I have gone ahead and released a patch to Multiplay, it should be ready by tomorrow at the latest. Here is a run down of what it will include:

-The ramp has been rebuilt to settle Dotro's concerns
-The diving board has been cut in half so people can actually use it
-The pool stairs have been extended upon, so you no longer have to jump up them
-The sign room now has its useless pool thing ripped out to make for more space
-The shelter can now be activated 8 minutes faster than before (thanks Dotro)
-The control room door can now be unlocked from the outside 1 minute faster than before (thanks Dotro)
-The wipeout minigame has had its arm condensed slightly so it no longer clips through the walls
(thanks Dotro)
-The ability to land on the arms corner while it is moving might be fixed (thanks Gregg)

-Replaced one of the balls in the shelter with a useless, throw-able TV
-Added 2 more pedestals to stand on in the wipeout game (now a total of 12 people can play at once)
-Added a toggle-able lava cover for when people are getting onto their pedestals, meaning they can now just walk over to them. This also allows for a much easier wipeout game variant, where standing only in one spot is no longer necessary, and people can move around much more easily, with no risk of falling into the lava (thanks Me)

So that is everything, a useful patch, and somehow the file size is very slightly smaller than the 4.1 update! So there are only positive things in this update. If I have missed any reasonable suggestions out I am sorry but I have been pursuing peoples feedback over the past 24 hours and this is the best I can do for now. Feel free to suggest things for the next update though as always. On an off topic note I am looking into server expansion into other games, and would love your feedback on this.

Thanks again everyone.

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