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Everything you need to know about referring newcomers

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Everything you need to know about referring newcomers

Post by TENTACLE_BOSS on Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:15 am

For "A Night to Remember" we encourage you to invite new players not only to the server, but to the forums as well to help promote everything mops. In doing so you and those you refer can win prizes for your efforts! The more people you refer and get to sign up to the forums, the greater your chances are of receiving a prize. So, how do you do that you may be asking. Here is everything you need to know:

Setting up your referral thread

Your referral thread will be the place where newcomers on the forum verify you referred them. To set up the thread, make a new topic here with a title of your name, whatever that would be.

Getting people to post in your referral thread

Good job! you got someone to sign up on the forums, now all you have to do is prove it. That is simple enough to do, simply get the new member to post in your referral thread stating something along the lines of "I was referred by this person." Some rules about referrals. Each newcomer can only post in ONE referral thread and they can only post in that thread ONCE. If they post in multiple threads, they will NOT be counted and your efforts will have gone to waste. Make sure this is clear to them of we cannot verify your referrals.

And how will we know if we have won the prizes

Around the time of the event and most likely after as well, individuals will be messaged by me with a means of contact to claim their prize from me, which I shall trade to them on steam. If they do not get in touch asap if you or they receive a prize notification in your inbox, it will be revoked after a set period of time, to avoid dispensing prizes to slow individuals long after the event has ended. So keep up to date! I may also post an announcement on these forums when the forum prizes have been dispensed to their winners! So remember, check the forums regularly.

Happy hunting! Hope that helps anyone planning on participating!

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