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Pretence remake discussion/details

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Pretence remake discussion/details

Post by TENTACLE_BOSS on Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:47 pm

So as many of you may know, I am remaking pretence from scratch, I wanted to create this topic so people can ask questions, and input feedback and ideas into the project. I also want to outline my progress at the time of writing and some of the changes from the current pretence:

Changes and current progress:

-The outer wall is much taller
-The overall map is much larger
-The map uses better textures all around and the main area relies way less on minecraft textures than it did
-The original pretence had a spawn area that used egyptian and sandy textures, this has changed and has been overhauled for a medieval winter look
-The infamous flashing yellow light at spawn has been changed for a singular still white one (still being developed)
-The original spawns have been completely thrown away, and have been replaced with much larger higher quality spawns with their own secrets
-The central spawn area (that leads to the teleporting billboard) has been given a makeover, the minecraft trees are gone and have been replaced with pine trees
-The billboard now uses a brand new logo
-The lava wall is much larger now and will burn people who touch it
-The room in the central block has been completely removed for now as nobody ever used it, this will allow for more content and room for better things
-The central block accordingly cannot be dropped into, however there is still a large water area up top that allows you to swim underneath the buildings on top
-The gallery and pyro tennis have been ported over with only minor changes, they will be as you remember them, this will include the laser rabbit and the pod docks
-The triforce now has hidden powers.. and the music glitch is now HOPEFULLY fixed
-The central building roof has lighting, and a small wall around it, giving it a great overlook to the rest of the map, and making it a great parachuting point
-The pods will most likely be different, and if they are not, they will run on different and longer paths to their predecessors
-Most of the geometry in the map has been remade from scratch with only a few necessary things ported over, this means everything so far will be heavily optimised compared to the mess that pretence was
-The spawn terrain now has some smooth bumps and hills

This is about as far as I have gotten. I haven't touched the far side of the map or its secret rooms at all yet as I want to make sure everything is done at spawn before I move on to prevent as many issues as possible and to ensure quality. No attempts have been made to render the map yet and everything is still very much inside hammer. Here are some of the concepts I am going to be potentially working on in the future, bare in mind these are only concepts right now and they are subject to change:

Concepts (work in progress):

-Pokemon arena will return, however the information panels, the separate doorways and the life counters will not as people simply avoided them/didn't listen to them, some couldn't read them due to their texture settings, and the life counter plain didn't function well. However I plan to add music to this area (pokemon music, I am open to suggestions of preference)
and maybe a few other things. I might make it larger but the current size works pretty well.

-The prison will return, as will the entrance building, however I will probably rebuild this from scratch to fix some of its bugs.

-The secret rooms will most likely have different methods of unlocking and any creeper hunts will be mixed up to keep things fresh.

-The secret bedroom will have functioning music activated by the light-switch, I might add to this room if there are any good ideas floating around.

-Mac's room will have functioning music activated by the laser lighting, the lockable door will most likely allow for a timed button that allows it to be opened from the inside of the judgement room. This is because currently a player can kill themselves in the room and if they have shut the door, noclip will be the only way to get back in. Rest assured the timer will be long so people who are alive and controlling the room can still hold out in it for a long long time.

-I have a potential idea for donator perks. I was thinking of creating some small huts around the map, and when someone donates, they can claim a hut under their name, and have the tiny house decorated however they wish. (Within reason)
These would be small to prevent space hogging, and they would only be available to a few donators so the hat doesn't get clustered with huts. These haven't been designed yet and I would like feedback on this.

-The skybox will most likely be way higher allowing for people to have a lot more fun with rocket jumping, parachuting etc.

-I would like to add a 3D skybox but I am still in the process of learning how to implement this properly so no guarantees.

-Nether (?)

-I may add my own personal secret room, but only if I can make it interesting enough to warrant its existence.

That is about everything so far, feedback is definitely welcome. Oh, and here is the new logo that will be on the billboard:

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Re: Pretence remake discussion/details

Post by natsu_teh_faggot on Wed Jun 05, 2013 1:05 am

Nice bounce


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Re: Pretence remake discussion/details

Post by oOPIDDYOo on Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:49 am

Nether C:?

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Re: Pretence remake discussion/details

Post by TENTACLE_BOSS on Thu Jun 06, 2013 7:07 am

Okay so rendered the first alpha today and as expected it is buggy as hell, however, I got an ugly 3d skybox working, and the spawns minus some glitches that I just took care of operate just fine now so its on the route to success. It feels a little empty right now since the middle room is gone and the map is larger, which is why I would love to hear requests and suggestions as to what I should put in and add to it. That said, everything from pretence minus the middle rooms are implemented and fixed up for the most part.
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Re: Pretence remake discussion/details

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