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Post by oOPIDDYOo on Tue Nov 05, 2013 1:37 pm

After 3 months of work, I have finally completed my new Trade map, which is now running on mops! The concept and goal of the map was to capture a more refined look of Trade_Plaza, The most profound trade map OF ALL HISTORY, and house features to suit everyone's trading needs. Here are some features the map consists of:

- A Main arena for battle and such. etc.
- A HIGH attention to detail spawn, for good first impressions.
- A Sniper arena for great sniper practice and such.
- A Fun tether-ball mini-game, which seems to be everyone's favourite.
- An Essential Boxing ring (Refined from Tents maps, 10/10 didn't steal it)
- A Spy crabbing area housing 8 slots, each with a "your turn" light button, and a Kill button.
- Some taken props from Trade_Plaza (Trees and tables) And placed into a Large open "Trade_Central" Area, for some Nostalgia and a sense of an 'Area to trade'
- Spawning HHH (Stolen from GamersUN, Quite a clever gizmo)
- And some other stuff

The map will be frequently worked on until we reach some level of satisfaction. If you wish to suggest something to be added, or you have noticed a flaw in the map, head over to the Map Suggestions thread and slam some into the comments of the Post I created for obvious reasons. I will read and consider all posts.


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